August 2021 Goals

It’s summer time and the weather is… well atrocious. Weird bouts of heavy rain, with some warm spells. So hard to know how to dress!

Anyway. It’s August, and I’ve decided to take up the Ultimate Goal Challenge. This is a 31 day blogging challenge where you have to post every day. I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Posting more on my personal brand website
  2. Getting out of my writers block

Blogging is one of my Big Hairy Audacious Goals, so it would be fantastic to make a dent in that!

What Are Big Hairy Audacious Goals?

Recently I decided to set myself some MASSIVE long term goals to help keep me moving and get to where I want to be.

I worked out what success looked like and built some long term goals to help me get there.

There are 16 goals in total, some are quite personal, and others I’m more open about. They cover professional and personal goals. Some goals rely on other goals being completed first.

These are:

To hit these goals, I’m going to set my self some smaller monthly goals to get me started. This will help with accountability, too, as I’m making this public. I’ll add these goals at the bottom of this blog post

Current Personal Projects

I have a lot going on, and keeping everything organised is proving difficult. But, as Marie Forleo says, Everything is Figuroutable. I just need to focus my efforts and keep learning! So, in no particular order, these are my current projects:


  • Create customer research survey and start circulating
  • Create Information Architecture for my MVP
  • Begin learning Figma to start making my MVP
  • Create website and start blogging
  • Start growing the email list

Lennie & Stan

  • Start recording Podcast/Vodcast episodes
  • Start blogging more
  • Create Course for The Lighthouse training program

The Cinema History Blog

  • Blog more!
  • Create email list
  • Improve social media engagement

  • Complete Ultimate Blogging Challenge for August 2021
  • Create a better personal brand

  • Write more posts
  • Create SEO Backlink plan to drive more traffic


  • Write some original content for Medium
  • Post more poetry

Your Outer Geek

  • Create full business plan and ongoing work (possibly pivot into a Print On Demand site?)

This Month’s Goals

  • Record 1 podcast/Vodcast for Lennie & Stan
  • Record 1 Course video for Lennie & Stan
  • Write 31 blog posts on
  • Record my final pitch for my business skills Uni module
  • Begin the Figma Course on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Work out plan for Your Outer Geek

So this is the plan for this month. I’ll be using my Ultimate Blog Challenge posts to share learnings, facts, figures and more as I grow my businesses, skillsets and hobby blogs.