April 2021 Goals

Last month, I decided to set myself some MASSIVE long term goals to help keep me moving. I worked out what success looked like and built some long term goals to help me get there.

There are 16 goals in total, some are quite personal, and others I’m more open about. They cover professional and personal goals. Some goals rely on other goals being completed first.

I’m keeping track of these on my bucket list page.

I’m focusing my current efforts on four goals that affect the success of others.

These are:

To hit these goals, I’m going to set my self some smaller monthly goals to get me started. This will help with accountability, too, as I’m making this public.

This Month’s Goals

  • Publish two videos
  • Write five blog posts
  • Record my final pitch for my business skills Uni module
  • Complete the Khan Acadamy course on statistics in preparation for my Quantitative Methods class at Uni
  • Finish the Link Building Course on LinkedIn Learning (Part of the Become an SEO Expert course)