Connecting Like-Minded People and Events They Will Love

Growing up as a geek, it was always hard to find people with the same interest. looks help pop culture lovers find events they love, and find life-long friends in the process.

The website aims to be a hub of information, as well as a community.

Services Provided

Content Creation

Social Media



Project Goals


Build a community for people to discuss ideas, share knowledge. and meet people.


Encourage teenage fans to be who they are and enjoy their hobbies without embarrassment.

Information Hub

Become the go-to place for information on Comic-Cons, Cosplay and other associated activities.

Promote small business

Give a platform to small, independent traders to connect with customers and build loyal fans

Marketing Strategy Documents


How to Survive Your First UK Comic Con

So, you’ve decided to go to a UK Comic-Con for the first time! Go you! Welcome to the weird and wonderful club!

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15 Best Fancy Dress and Cosplay Companies

Fancy Dress companies around the world have plenty of costumes that can suit your needs – and your budget!

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Top 15 Hotels Near MCM Comic-Con London

Need a Hotel for MCM Comic-Con London? Here are 15 of the best hotels near the ExCel convention centre, so you’re set for your next event!

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