Elementor #3347



A complete project build for ComicConventions.Info. The website serves as a list of upcoming events and a guide to “surviving comic-con and finding your tribe”


  • NuxtJs
  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJs
  • VueJS
  • VueRouter
  • VueX
  • JavaScript
  • Nginx

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Project Goals

  • The client wanted to move away from WordPress to have more flexibility.

To increase the speed of the site and make it more SEO friendly.
Make a high quality responsive website.



I worked as the sole developer on this project, working closely with the project lead. 


The Project is built in a VueJs framework called NuxtJs.

NuxtJs is designed for SEO, as it automatically server side renders the page as search engine crawlers struggle to read Vue components. 

I used ExpressJs with a MongoDB NoSQL database. MongoDB was perfect for this as it did not require many replationships. but for the few it did need I used the NodeJs package Mongoose.

Results Recap

  • Add server side rendering for better SEO
  • I’m monitoring the website to better improve user flow

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