Customer Retention Consulting

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Customer Retention

Retaining customers is much cheaper than recruiting new ones. With customer retention consulting, we will work together to map out the customer journey to find holes or bottlenecks which stop your customers from converting.

Lydia Carrick is a Chelmsford and London-based marketing consultant with 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and marketing strategy, particularly in tiny to medium-sized companies.

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Free Discovery Call

We start off by having a free 30-minute discovery call to talk through your current strategy and your ambitions. From here, we can identify any struggles and begin to formulate some plans for onwards success. This call is completely non-committal.

Strategy Workshop

A round table discussion surrounding various elements of marketing strategy. We go over your business goals, top-level strategic analysis and look for opportunities for improvement. Following the workshop, I’ll go away and create a strategic document to help form your marketing plans and create a 6-month plan to help make quick, effective changes and to grasp the long-term opportunities.



Ongoing Support

Once you’ve had your strategy workshop, I can continue consulting throughout the rollout. The consulting consists of a weekly or fortnightly meeting with yourself and your team members to offer support, guidance and additional strategies to ensure the campaign moves along as planned. In addition, I will support with reporting and analysis of results to ensure everything is on the right track and identify opportunities as they arise.


Strategy Workshop

£ 500

  • Free, non-committal Discovery Call
  • 3 Hour Workshop
  • Strategy Document
  • 6-Month Action Plan

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Workshop + Consulting Sessions

6 Hours of Consulting
£ 800
One Time

  • Free, non-committal Discovery Call​
  • 3 Hour Workshop​
  • Strategy Document
  • 6 Month Action Plan
  • 6 Hours of Consulting Session

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Workshop + Ongoing Support

Sub Heading
£ 1,200

  • Free, non-committal Discovery Call​
  • 3 Hour Workshop
  • Strategy Document
  • 6 Month Action Plan
  • 6 Hours of Consulting
  • Reporting

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