100 Days of No Code!

🥳 Day 1

I am excited to announce that I will be learning to “No-Code” as part of the 100DaysOfNoCode challenge starting today!

What is No Code?

No Code refers to the concept of building webites, tool and other tech products without writing code.

Instead, No Code uses drag and drop software which enables non-techy people (like me) to develop complex applications. The goal is to make it accessable to quickly launch products into the market without the expense of web developers, which is perfect when you need to test an minimum viable product before committing to a full build.

Why No Code?

No-Code is a very quick way to get things to market, so it’s easier to jump onto marketing trends with very low cost. Plus, I get the chance to flex my UI, UX and CX muscles with some new challenges. I’m very excited!

I’ll be posting about the challenge here and over on my TikTok (@MarketingWithLydia).